HD Shock Absorbent Column Guard

Protection From Potential Damage

Using a industrial pallet racking barrier to protect the corners of your pallet racks will reduce the opportunity for potential damage from forklifts within the warehouse, and help bring down ongoing maintenance costs for repair. As the Spartan Direct pallet racking protectors are manufactured to remain robust, and whilst finished in high visibility orange paint will ensure the edges of your racking will not be missed.

Introducing pallet racking protectors to your warehouse pallet scheme will save your costs from accidental damage, as incidents are less likely to occur with the added visibility, added to the corners of the pallet shelving.

Decreasing Health & Safety risks

Pallet racking barriers also benefit your employees within the warehouse as it creates a clear walkway and defines the edges of the racking clearly, helping in the reduction of accidents. Pallet racking protectors are manufactured with high visibility pain to alert your employees to steer clear of edges and be vigilant on clear pathways throughout the warehouse floor.

Increased efficiency for storage

Investing in pallet racking protectors will also increase efficiency for the use of storing ground level pallets. With the added visibility of pallet racking protectors which are fitted to the end of individual bays and rows, clearly helping with identification and enabling the ease find of shelf locations.

What are pallet racking protectors made of?

High visibility paint is used to finish to increase the visibility of the pallet racking protectors within the warehouse setting. You can choose a standard kit of pallet racking protectors or Spartan can custom design and manufacture your barrier protection unique to your bespoke pallet requirements.

Spartan Direct will be happy to offer a free consultation to discuss which pallet racking protectors option will be most relevant for your warehouse layout.

Why chose Spartan Direct for your pallet racking protectors? 

Spartan Direct has been providing solutions for office and warehousing storage since 1982, based conveniently in the West Midlands.

With a free consultation service to discuss your warehouse needs and how pallet racking protectors can benefit your warehousing costs and increase Health & Safety for your employees, our professional and friendly team are here to help. Trusted by our loyal customers to reliably install and project manage storage protects quickly and within budget.

Custom made pallet racking protection built for the needs of your warehouse and staging. Our engineer team will create bespoke pallet racking protectors manufactured to your specifications.

Spartan also supplies our warehouse customers with standard pallet racking protectors if the specification suits their needs.

You can contact our professional team to enquire about pallet racking protectors here.