Office mezzanine floors are a raised platform that are installed between the existing floor and the ceiling. They are typically made of steel or timber and can be installed in almost any space that has sufficient headroom. Mezzanine floors allow businesses to utilise unused vertical space and increase their floor space without the need for additional construction.


Office mezzanine floors can be used for a range of purposes other than just mezzanine office space. They can be used to create breakout areas, rest areas, and even kitchens or staff rooms. With the flexibility that mezzanine floors offer, businesses can customise their space to suit their needs.

Why is mezzanine used in office spaces?

Mezzanine floors are used in office spaces for a variety of reasons. One common use is to create additional office space, meeting rooms or storage areas. This is especially useful for businesses that are looking to expand without having to move to a larger premises. Mezzanines can also be used to create a private space for executives or to house IT equipment and server rooms.


In a warehouse or industrial unit, office mezzanines can provide additional space for offices, storage, or other uses without the need for expensive construction work. They are also a cost-effective way to create more space in a retail space or commercial building, where the use of a mezzanine floor can create a unique and interesting atmosphere.

Small offices

For smaller offices, mezzanine floors can be used to create additional meeting rooms, storage space, or even a breakout area for employees. In larger offices, mezzanine floors can be used to create multiple levels of office space, with different departments or teams located on different levels. The size of the office space available will affect the mezzanine office design.

What are the benefits of mezzanine in office spaces?  

The benefits of using mezzanine floors in office spaces are numerous. One of the main benefits is that they provide additional floor space without the need for additional construction, making them a cost-effective solution. They can also be customised to suit the needs of the business, allowing for a unique space that maximises efficiency. Mezzanine floors can also increase the value of the property, making it an investment for the future. A mezzanine office can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location, providing businesses with flexibility for future growth. 

How does Spartan Direct help with office mezzanine solutions?  

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