By installing heavy duty mezzanine flooring you can double or triple your usable space, potentially removing the need to rent additional premises. It’s flexible, and can be used for production processes, storage, or office use. This extra storage can make your business more robust, flexible, and able to prevent supply chain crises.

Mezzanine flooring can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of clients and are quick and easy to assemble. Multi-tier options are available that allow you to double or triple your available space.

What is heavy duty mezzanine flooring and why is it important?

Mezzanine heavy duty flooring is manufactured to withstand the demands of an industrial or warehouse setting. It’s installed to maximise unused vertical space and can provide additional room for storage and other purposes. Crucially, mezzanine flooring can be installed free of existing structures. They will usually be installed as semi-permanent structures allowing for their removal or modification as workplace needs change.

Typically, mezzanines are constructed from steel to make them capable of withstanding the requirements of heavy duty, fast-paced industrial and commercial settings. They are designed by structural engineers to maximum optimum safety and efficiency. Because they are bespoke, they are suitable for a wide range of settings. They can be made practical and robust for industrial settings or designed for stylish retail use.

Heavy duty mezzanine flooring will usually consist of primary beams that provide the main support for the mezzanine and will span across the columns. The joists span between the primary beams and are the fixing points for the columns. The columns are distributed across the mezzanine to spread the weight. Decking then provides a stable, strong surface with sufficient support for the chosen installation.

Benefits of heavy duty mezzanine flooring

Due to several global and national factors, the current economic climate in the UK is causing concerns to UK businesses. The cost-of-living crisis has caused many businesses to re-evaluate their operations; looking to streamline processes and procedures. Bringing more of your operations closer together, can dramatically cut down the number of unproductive hours. Which is why many are using mezzanine floors to make use of wasted space.

Cost effectiveness of mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors open up space by creating a balcony like floor, which is classed as middle space, and not as a proper floor. This gives you more floor space, saving space for your business. They also help with saving money, as you won’t need to rent or buy more property. The mezzanine floor is an all-round excellent solution, as it is efficient on time, space and money.

Grow your business opportunities

Even though the cost of living is causing all businesses to make alterations to their operations, this doesn’t mean you should stop developing new opportunities. In fact, this could be the best time to bring a new product to market. Mezzanine floors offer much needed space for more inventory, without having to spend a fortune on another storage facility. efficient on time, space and money, mezzanine floors can be installed quickly, at a fraction of the cost of a new building. Invest in saving space for your business, to gain back valuable productivity, and help manage the current economic climate.

Heavy duty mezzanine flooring from Spartan Direct

At Spartan Direct, we manufacture custom made mezzanine flooring for our clients. Our heavy-duty solutions are manufactured from detailed drawings, and are created to meet the precise needs and specifications of a client.

We provide a full service from design and quotation through to project management, installation, and full building regulations approval.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you maximise your available space.