What is cantilever racking?

Cantilever is a term that features in construction and building terminology. Many of us will have sat in a cantilever stand at a sports stadium or bought a cantilever parasol for our garden. The word basically means a beam that’s only anchored at one end. So, cantilever racking, is a form of storage that is securely anchored at one end, giving the other end full access for the insertion and removal of whatever items are being stored. It’s principally used for the storage of bulky and oversized materials such as timber, steel trusses, plasterboard, and piping.

How does heavy-duty cantilever racking differ and what constitutes heavy-duty?

As the name suggests, heavy-duty cantilever racking can withstand greater packing weight than regular cantilever racking. This makes it an ideal solution for warehouses and factories where heavy materials are stored. Cantilever racking solutions can be used in any number of different settings, from shops to domestic or commercial storage. Heavy-duty cantilever racking is generally an industrial solution and is made of steel. This gives it real strength that can comfortably cope with the storage of heavier materials such as timber and metal.

What are the benefits of heavy-duty cantilever racking?

Cantilever construction techniques have been used for centuries and have long been valued for their strength. This strength, when combined with their ease of construction and flexibility, has made them the most practical solution for a wide variety of industrial storage applications.

Cantilever racking is extremely robust and can bear considerable weight. Heavy-duty cantilever racking is perhaps the strongest stacking system you can find for factories and warehousing.

Loading and unloading is made easier, because of the space at the front of the racking. They can be installed as freestanding units or bolted to the wall and can be constructed quickly.  This allows for efficient storage of heavy materials whatever space you have available and it will transform how you store, handle, and distribute heavy materials

Why choose Spartan Direct?

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