Commercial fit-outs refer to the conversion of an existing space to make it ready for occupation or habitation for commercial purposes. This is a process that’s applied when the base or foundation constructions, sometimes referred to as a shell, are completed by the developer or the building owner.

The owner or the occupant of the building will then need to complete the internal layout. This will focus on the design, functionality and servicing of the building to meet specific requirements. Examples of commercial fit-outs include retail shops, co-working environments, public buildings, medical centres and offices.

The internal layout of a commercial fit-out might include the design or customisation of the design, furniture, furnishings, fittings, flooring, windows, doors and shelving.

An office fit-out is a specific type of commercial fit-out referring to the transformation of a commercial space so that it’s ready to be used as an office. The extent of this will depend on the condition of the space, as well as the requirements of the individual clients.

What’s the difference between an office fit-out and renovation?

A fit-out refers to making an empty shell into an inhabitable space. This completes the internal structure and interior design, which doesn’t exist at the beginning of the process. The building may be an old building which has undergone extensive repurposing or a new building, but the fit-out process remains the same.

Renovation or refurbishment refers to the alteration of a lived-in, occupied space which is no longer suitable for use. Renovation is designed to address any issues that have been presented and ensure that the building is fit-for-purpose over the coming years.

What is the difference between an office fit-out and interior design?

Interior office design refers to the design and layout of the office space. It may just refer to the design process or it might relate to the design and supply of relevant furniture, green elements and other fittings to update the office layout.

An office fit-out is more extensive, and although it will contain design elements, it’s also about ensuring that the office has everything in place, such as electricity and internet.

If you’re looking to repurpose an existing space, then interior design may be the first part of the process. Likewise, it will play a part in any fit-out, but it will be one component among many required to ensure that the building is fit for its intended purpose.

What are the different types of fit-out?

There are generally three different types of fit-out:

  • Shell & Core: this is the most thoroughgoing type of fit-out. It ensures that the concrete structure of the building is ready for its intended use. This will include basic electrics.
  • Category A: a category A fit-out prepares the internal rooms of the completed shell ready for use. This doesn’t include the furniture or the furnishings.
  • Category B: this type of fit-out is when all the final details are added such as the furniture, paintwork, discord and anything that may be required to make the space as comfortable and productive as possible.

How can Spartan Direct help?

At Spartan Direct, we can provide stylish solutions to ensure that your office is fit-for-purpose. Our industrial and office partitioning service is an essential part of the office and commercial fit-out process. It ensures that companies have the space they need for different tasks and activities, with soundproofed spaces and privacy guaranteed.

We understand how to maximise space while enabling the creation of those all-important discrete areas within the office. Our comprehensive design package helps you to effectively make use of your available space, or to segregate your existing work area.

We work with you to ensure that your unique requirements are met. Our services range from standard industrial and office partitioning, receptions and washrooms to full refurbishment that can encompass, flooring, decoration, suspended ceilings, lighting and air conditioning.

We provide a no-obligation consultation service which begins with site meetings and surveys. This is followed by full written proposals with working drawings. If required, we can provide a complete project management service to oversee the project from the tender stage through to installation and completion.

Contact us today to find out more and to discuss your requirements.