The major types of shelving include-

Duty Specific:

Available in light, medium, and heavy options – these are predominantly used for hand loading and are built to afford easy access to employees. Each type has a specific weight limit with ‘light’ maxing out at 500lbs, ‘medium’ reaching between 700-1000 lbs, and ‘heavy’ able to accommodate around 5000lbs.


The next level up, these are freestanding and reach heights of between 20-25ft. Each unit holds up to 20k lbs in weight and often prove to be a low maintenance, high utility alternative to other options.


Built from steel components, these are designed to handle and store irregular and heavy loads, most commonly elements made from metals or stones. The most common type available, these are built for industrial use and are highly durable – allowing team members to work with safely without compromising efficiency.

What are the benefits of using cantilever shelves?

Cantilever units are highly flexible and perfect for industries that stock or store items of varying size and length. This makes it ideal for long and heavy loads that would otherwise be difficult to manage. Each unit’s lack of vertical uprights also removes obstructions, offering a best in case ability to manage height and weight.

In addition, the floor and upright based anchor points allow for a high degree of stability – helping to prevent accidents if used with quality warehouse training. Each unit is also highly customisable, allowing you to choose single or double sided options, provide canopies, choose from a number of materials and more.

This allows you to enjoy a bespoke solution that specifically fits your requirements, ensuring the highest standards of compliance for your individualised storage needs.

Why should someone choose Spartan Direct?

If you are looking for a cantilever rack shelf solution that works for your unique business needs, our team at Spartan Direct are here to help. With many years’ experience providing shelving options for a range of sectors, we will be able to provide the assistance that your business needs – ensuring that your wares and materials are stowed safely and securely.

You can view our list of products and services in full here. Or, if you have need of a bespoke solution or are unsure about what cantilever shelves are right for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let our team know exactly what you need to maintain the highest possible standards of service.