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The Ultimate Guide to Mezzanine Flooring GET IN TOUCH ➔ What is mezzanine flooring? Mezzanine flooring refers to an intermediate floor between the main floors of a building, typically located above the ground floor but below the ceiling of the next higher floor. Mezzanines are often constructed within industrial, commercial, or retail spaces to provide
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METAL CANTILEVER RACKING At the heart of warehouse organisation and space optimisation lies an ingenious solution – metal cantilever racking. A cantilever rack is a free-standing storage unit with horizontal load carrying arms extending from a single vertical column. Specifically, the design of cantilever steel racks is intended to manage and store long, bulky or
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INDUSTRIAL PALLET RACKING Industrial pallet racking systems are essential components of well-organised factories and warehouses. They are robust, durable and practical, making them ideal for use in industrial settings. They can withstand the challenges of industrial and manufacturing plants, making them the perfect choice in situations where extended storage capacity and ease of access need
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RETAIL MEZZANINE FLOORING How you use your floor space is a key consideration in any retail setting. Your layout will impact how you display your products and how your customers move around your space. Maximising the available space in any retail setting is important, allowing you to display more stock and create a more comfortable
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OFFICE MEZZANINE FLOORING Mezzanine floors have become increasingly popular in commercial properties such as office spaces as they are a cost-effective way to create more space without the expense and time required to construct a new building or lease a larger one. Mezzanine office floors are an ideal solution for businesses that require additional floor
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HEAVY DUTY MEZZANINE FLOORING A mezzanine floor is an intermediate level that is fitted between the main floors of a building. It will not usually be counted as one of the building’s proper floors. Instead, it acts as a low-ceilinged balcony that projects into the building providing extra floor space for a range of possible
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INDUSTRIAL MEZZANINE FLOORING An industrial mezzanine floor can be a useful addition to a range of commercial premises. These are heavy-duty, raised platforms that are built within an existing industrial facility, manufacturing plant or existing warehouse. Mezzanine flooring has become increasingly popular in warehouse design and management. With the need for storage and workspaces expanding,
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Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Essential for businesses or warehousing operations that deal with heavy loads, heavy duty racking allows you to safely and securely store your inventory in a cost-effective and efficient manner. These are made up from frames that are designed for continuous use or shelving heavy materials and often come with significant depths,
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MEZZANINE FLOOR MANUFACTURERS Mezzanine floors provide a practical solution to creating additional space, within commercial premises or industrial warehouses, taking away the need to explore relocation to an alternate location and the costs associated with the move. With smart use of your existing space, you can create additional floors for storage, or to create additional
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MEZZANINE FLOOR INSTALLTION A raised platform supported by a number of steel columns, deploying a mezzanine is a simple, safe, and cost-effective way of maximising your available floorspace. This can be extremely useful on sites where space is at a premium, professional workplaces that require expansion, or in warehousing to offer additional floorspace. While the