Racking Inspection Schedule

racking1A racking inspection should be carried out by an experienced and qualified expert, preferably one working to the?SEMA code of practice.?This will ensure that your company complies with the?Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1988,?as well as the?Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

The inspection process will run to a particular schedule and will incorporate some or all of the following elements.

? A full and thorough assessment of the racking infrastructure
? Assessment of loading relative to the manufacturer?s recommended guidelines for use and loading limits
? Assessment of the overall quality of the installation
? Identification and recording of any flaws or potential problems with stability or integrity of the structure
? Recommendation of immediate and longer-term solutions including ?red light? alerts if appropriate
? Recommendations on how to avoid damaging the structure in future to reduce the need for repairs
? Guidance on the compliance of the system with all current health and safety guidelines

Racking inspections should be carried out annually, or if the racking system is in a high traffic or heavily used area of the warehouse, then the rack inspection should be every six months.

Even if there have been no reported incidents during that time, racking can still suffer from ?wear and tear? that could lead to a sudden and catastrophic failure later on.

Remember :? It is your responsibility to ensure that your racking is safe and that the welfare of your workers is protected by carrying out regular inspections.

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