Push back Pallet Racking

Push-back pallet racking provides fast pallet access and gives up to 25% more storage. The system allows pallets of varying types and sizes to be stored together, two, three or four deep with quick and easy access to all lanes.

Push-back pallet racking offers maximum use of floor space by getting more pallets into a given area. Pallets are loaded in sequence onto wheeled carriers of varying heights which are ‘pushed back’ on inclined steel channels that utilise the full depth of the racking. When pallets are retrieved, those remaining roll forward into position at the picking face.
This system uses standard fork-lift trucks and doesn’t require specialist handling equipment.

  • Suitable for load marshalling, bulk storage such as in cold stores or for bulk handling.
  • Ideal system for storing perishable goods.
  • Suitable for use in any industry or distribution sector.
  • Maximum capacity as this is a compact storage system.
  • Time saved in pallet handling.

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